Building on a Solid Foundation

Alabama Concrete Inc. is a leading supplier of concrete products and related services in North Alabama and throughout the Tennessee Valley area. We provide builders, no matter how large or small, the most efficient delivery of high-quality concrete products in both residential and commercial construction. Our mission is to provide the best products in conjunction with superior customer service.

The core of our success is our in-depth knowledge of the concrete manufacturing process. At every stage of production we ensure adherence to the highest standards of total quality, environmental protection, and maximum safety.

Our success is also built on our reputation for meeting our customers' most important demand — delivering high-quality products on schedule.

With customers in both the public and private sectors of construction, Alabama Concrete Inc. can be found in projects ranging from roadways and bridges, to driveways and patios, to downtown buildings and suburban homes.

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Concrete is one of the oldest building materials in the history of Earth. Dating back as far as 5600 BC, this man-made product consists of cement, other materials such as fly-ash or slag, a coarse aggregate like limestone, gravel, or granite, a fine aggregate like sand or manufactured sand (screenings), chemicals, and water. When mixed together, these materials harden to form a very durable and very strong material that is widely used for construction applications.


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